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tv   KTVU News Special Election 2012  FOX  November 6, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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boston. let's begin with ken in chicago with president obama's campaign. >> reporter: this is where president obama will be tonight to hold what his supporters hope will be a victory speech. let's take a quick look at the venue. this is where the president will take to the stage with his family and that of vice president joe biden. what time he makes an appearance depends on the time of the returns. there are seats here for thousands of the president's supporters, most of them will be campaign volunteers, a few of whom president obama thanked this morning when he made a surprise visit to a field office in chicago. he even cold called. >> is this annie? hi, this is barack obama. how are you in i'm doing -- you
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know... [ laughter ] >> i don't think she knows it's me. >> my name was barack obama. you know, the president of the united states. how are you? you know, can i just say, you were really polite to me when you didn't know who i was. that's so nice. >> reporter: as you can see, it was light work for president obama on this election day afternoon. he even played a game of basketball, which is an election day tradition for him. we'll talk to a top campaign official about what they are looking for tonight, the particulars they're looking as these returns come in on this election night. in chicago, we'll send it now to rita williams with the romney campaign in boston. >> reporter: well, as you know,
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here in boston it's already 7:00 p.m. folks have already started showing up here to begin what they hope will be a celebration. there's heavy security at this convention center, supporters and media passing through metal detectors in an unusual election day of campaigning, mitt romneyny hit pennsylvania and ohio to try to turn this into a victory party. >> big day for big change. we're about to change america to help people in ways they didn't imagine they could be helped with good jobs and better take-home pay. >> reporter: he thanked campaign workers and tried not to interfere with them getting
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out the vote. >> i feel great today. it's a great tradition. i'm really excited to be here. >> reporter: now, take a look at this. that shows just how important the battleground state of ohio is to both sides. at the leave and airport this afternoon on the same tarmac at the same time, you see romney and ryan's twin jets and air force ii carrying vice president joe biden. this could be a very long night, but we'll be here until the end. reporting live in boston, rita williams for channel 2 news. >> some polls in the country have already closed. six states are starting to count votes. indiana, kentucky, georgia, vermont, and virginia are done. we are watching this vote across the country. right now the focus is on virginia, the first of nine so- called swing states. >> and the most critical state
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of these early swing states. virginia had 13 electoral votes. the polls closed about 3 minutes ago. we're expecting to get numbers soon. president obama was the first president to get the vote since lyndon johnson. it was a very, very close state for both candidates right now. obama has a slight lead in virginia. let's check one more time, see if any numbers have come in. we'll be keeping an eye on virginia. of course ohio, florida, and the other swing states as well. >> one of the states we mentioned, only one we mentioned in which president obama is expected to win is vermont. three electoral votes. we are continuing to monitor vermont. we want to take you now to indiana. as you see here, we have 5%
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reporting. romney is leading in indiana. president obama won the state of indiana four years ago. we do have one state right now, kentucky, with its eight electoral votes going to mitt romney. romney is expected to win kentucky. now, we want to head down to south carolina, another one in which mitt romney is expected to win, monitoring those pres with 9 electoral votes. let's look at the state of georgia. no numbers yet. 16 electoral votes at stake. we'll be monitoring all of these results as they come in. >> we've been watching the early closing states and we are joined live from the news room. >> reporter: one of those key presidential swing states as we
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said is virginia. it might be the closest of all. votes are right now being tallied. voters tolerated long lines all day. poll workers say turn out was surprisingly robust. virginia's 13 electoral votes up for grabs. virginia is more diverse than it was just four years ago. republicans expect to do well in upscale suburbs, democrats in the cities. with we'll be watching it closely throughout the night. in south carolina, polls closed after some problems. voting machines malfunctioned and another one ran out of paper ballots. >> there was a lot wrong. the machines didn't work and they didn't get paper ballots. we were here for hours. >> reporter: in georgia, this adult community locked down after a homeowner's group feared, quote, civil unrest because of the supposedly
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contentious nature of the election. residents here were baffled. >> is there some reason we should be concerned? >> i wasn't sure what it meant. is it civil unrest because romney won? which i doubted being a northerner living in the south. or if obama wo . >> reporter: the head of the homeowner's association said he might have overreacted. many places serving as shelters are being used as polling stations. christy has ordered election authorities to allow displaced citizens to vote by e-mail or fax. also today, election officials decided to extend the deadline for those voters until friday. in new york, storm victims are also voting by e-mail or fax.
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66 were relocated to manhattan. there was a delay in opening those voting booths because the generator needed fuel, but voters did get inside by 7:00 a.m. this morning. several big and controversial ballots ballots. it would raise the income tax for people making more than $250,000 a year and raise the state's sales tax by a quarter of a%. >> proposition 38 would increase tax rates on a sliding scale for most californians from 2013 through 2024 to fund k-12 public schools and early education programs. it would pay down the state debt for the first four years.
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>> and 37 would require the labeling of food with genetically modified material. it's estimated that about 70% will cast ballots in today's voting. we are live where they're getting ready to count ballots tonight. >> reporter: that's right. in the past hour, we actually have seen more people coming in to vote. you can see the number of people who are casting their votes. they also have a ballot box set up for people to drop off their vote by mail ballot. this year, more than half asked to vote by mail. the clerk says the returns have been slow and voter turn out has been slow. we did get a look upstairs earlier where they're counting the mail in ballots received so far. this year, statewide, 9.3 million voters requested a mail- in ballot. that's 2 million more than four
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years ago. the clerk says does not think voter turn out will be as high as 2008 when it reached 87%. >> i have a couple of people feeding me numbers. i hope this is not typical. one precinct had 25% by 1:00 p.m. and that was the best of three. >> reporter: the clerk says there aren't many hot button propositions on the ballot this year. they expect a rush of people in the evening when people get off work. back here, the nice weather could help people get out the door to vote. the polls close at 8:00 p.m. and that's when we'll find out the real story of the voter turn out this year. our coverage is just beginning here. winners in two states have just been declared. more on the election when we return. more information about the arrest of three day care workers. what they knew about the death
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of an infant in the north bay. the news continues right after this brief break. ?o?ooooóññ
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late this afternoon we have that there's investigation. the women failed to properly watch the 4-month-old boy and they tried to cover it up. the magic place children's center was closed today now that police have arrested the owner and two employees. police arrested the women yesterday evening following the october 23rd death of a 4-month- old boy. >> it's just a tragedy. >> reporter: police say an
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autopsy confirmed the boy did not die from sudden infant death syndrome. he died because his nose and mouth were covered with bedding. the cause of death was determined to be an accident, but the level of negligence was criminal. >> involuntary manslaughter talks about unintentional death the result of circumstances where due caution was not employed. >> reporter: the department of social services is working to close the facility permanently. investigators determined the workers found the boy was not breathing at 3:00 p.m. instead of calling 911, they called their boss and later lied about it to state investigators. they didn't call 911 for about a half hour. paramedics arrived and took the boy to the hospital but were unable to revive him. we have learned the three women are set to be in court at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to face the
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charges of unvoluntary manslaughter. we are live for ktvu channel 2 news. ho honoring two people who tried to stop the violence after one of the giants world series games. >> congratulations and thank you. [ applause ] >> the board held a ceremony to thank the bus driver. he took action to keep his passengers safe while his bus was set on fire at market and third street. a mob of people who had been celebrating the giants victory surrounded the bus on october 28th. the board also offered simon kiminney who was beaten unconscious. a parolee opened fire killing two people and injuring two others before taking his own life. it happened at a processing plant, apple valley farms. lawrence jones went up to each person and shot them at close range. they say he then turned the gun
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on himself. police say one of the survivors was critically wounded. another is in stable condition. investigators are still trying to determine a motive. police identified a man fatally shot by officers over the weekend at dewon eaton. he was chasing his estranged wife outside her home and officers told him to drop the weapon. they say he refused and that's when two officers opened fire killing eaton. officers had responded to that home several times in the past couple of months for incidents including a domestic violence call. the national guard is often called to the rescue, but when the california air national guard got to the east coast last week following hurricane sandy, they were met with a rude reality. what happened to the local national guard troops who heeded the call of hurricane sandy? >> reporter: there is still a lot of activity going on here at moffett field today as the
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local air national guard unit gets ready for the next emergency situation. after returning from a hurricane sandy mission that in a sense never got off the ground. workers for the california air national guard 129th rescue wing are making sure its helicopters are ready for the next time. the helicopters were loaded on to a transport plane and along with about 100 airmen headed out to the east coast for possible rescue operations for then hurricane sandy. today some said they were ready for anything. >> swift water rescue to picking people off of house tops with the helicopters, providing medical care, whatever we need to do, we'll be ready to do it. >> reporter: but it didn't happen. the 129th commander says the national guard called for assistance on a nationwide basis as sandy picked up strength and governor jerry brown approved the deployment. the unit eventually set up in delaware.
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>> we got prepared. we waited for tasking which didn't come this time around. >> did that surprise you? >> no. not necessarily. our rescuing capabilities are very highly specialized. >> reporter: some airmen said it was frustrating but no one wants people in pearl either, so it's a double edged sword. >> too bad we weren't used, but nobody can walk away upset about that. we would have been more upset if we had sat here when they needed us out there. >> reporter: the 129th commander points out the mission didn't cost california any money. we'll have more on what was accomplished at 6:00 p.m. earthquakes in the eastern u.s. can cause more extensive damage than quakes here on the west quake. the survey has been examining what happened during last year's quake that rumbled through the nation's capital.
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it triggered landslides at distances four times farther than previous showed. the farthest landslide was 150 miles away from the epicenter in virginia. let's talk about air our weather. a beautiful day to vote out there. maybe some records too, huh? >> i think we might pop records when they officially come in around 5:00 p.m. in the meantime, what i'm tracking is this. just offshore, you see the fog? last couple of days the winds are going like this. no fog, warmer daytime highs, tonight and tomorrow the winds will come this way and it's going to push this fog in your direction. that's the beginning of cooling. tomorrow's highs, they're coming down 10 degrees, 15 degrees cooler than they were today. we have possible records. when i say possible, i wait for the weather service to issue the records. it looks like san jose will get a record at 100. hayward at 81, looks like
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they'll get a record as well. these are the current temperatures. it's mild, 81 livermore. not as warm as last night. coastal fog, tomorrow is cooler. when i come back, we'll talk about the cool air tomorrow and the big-time cooling on thursday and friday. we'll have all that when we come back. the polls are closing in some states. more election coverage when we come back after a short break.
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we continue now with our coverage of election 2012. voters in california still have about three and a half hours to vote until the polls close. we are in concord right now where five precincts are all open under the same roof. john? >> reporter: this is the time when polling places like this one start to see business lining up. voters are getting off work and coming in to cast their ballots. all tolled, about 1400 people are expected to come here to make their voices heard. we talked to quite a few people today and everyone said they felt they needed to vote, especially in this election. >> now that our future's at stake for the schools and the kids and myself, since i'm a mom and going back to school,
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so it's going to impact me as well. i gotta make a difference. >> on a personal level, it's important to bring my daughter. i want her to know her beliefs make a difference. come out and effect possibly an election. >> each voter was asked to insert them into these counting machines. a memory card will be used to transfer the results to the registrar. >> we are joined now with the break down of voting groups. >> reporter: we're expecting to get results from ohio very soon. it's a critical, critical state. that's all you've heard about the last few months. let's tell you why it is so important. there are 18 electoral votes in
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ohio. if president obama wins again, it makes it problematic for mitt romney to win the entire election. he would have to win all the other swing states to beat president obama, if obama wins ohio. one of the big strengths for the president is the northern part of the state. this is the area where the auto industry is. 1 in 8 ohio jobs is connect today the auto industry. mitt romney has the southern part of the state around cincinnati, that's a republican stronghold. and this area, that's coal country. mitt romney has been hammering president obama about what he says is his opposition to coal. this is how it looked four years ago. president obama won 52% to john mccain 47%. 81% of the voters in ohio are white. president obama has to win a significant number of white voters, but not all of them. 12% black voters.
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3% hispanic. a lot of union voters in ohio. 7% unemployment in ohio. the economy in ohio has been improving greatly because of the auto bail out. voters are very aware of what's going on in the economy and in their state, the economy is looking better. >> we want to turn our attention to the state of florida, the biggest swing state up for grabs. we are expecting president obama will carry the southern part of the state. what comes into play is the northern part. it's 132 miles that stretches from tampa to orlando to daytona beach. when we talk about that northern part, 11 million voters in the state of florida. 55%, six counties lie along that i-4 corridor. you can see how important it is. keep in mind, a lot of
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undecideds live right there in the northern part of the state. let's see how this shaped up four years ago. president obama did, in fact, win the state of florida 51% to john mccain's 48%. the state of florida, 90% of the time whoever wins florida goes on to win the white house. here's a break down of the demographics. 57% white voters in the state. hispanic voters, a large voting block. we have seen the senator out there trying to persuade these voters to go for his candidate mitt romney. we know immigration reform is important to latino community and also the economy. if you look in the state of florida, 8.7% unemployment right now, well above the national average. they have the second highest foreclosure rate. it will be interesting to see how these messages play out in
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both of these critical swing states in florida and ohio. the social media world has been buzzing all day about the election and it's still picking up speed. we are keeping an eye on the trends. >> reporter: as you can imagine, i vote and election 2012 are among top trending hash tags. if you were brave enough to use them, there are a lot of people talking at once and it can be tough to sort through everything. 10million tweets related to the election. we've heard people talking about long lines, a malfunctioning voting machine, and hundreds of thousands of photos photos of these i voted stickers. lady gaga has 31 million followers. let's look pat what she had to say. she said if you're old enough
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to vote for the first time, exercise your right today. it matters and can change the world. this comment was actually retweeted by president barack obama's account. we'll take a look at another one here. we heard a similar sentiment coming from ann romney, the wife of mitt romney. we are so close to the better future we deserve. we just need you to vote. that comment also included a link to one of romney's websites that helps people find out where they can vote. we want to hear from you. you can join the conversation by going to or on twitter at ktvu. live in the news room for ktvu channel 2 news. we are going to be on all night from local to state to national, we have this election coverage.
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welcome back to an early edition of channel 2 news at 5:00. >> it's a kick to see people out here. i hope everybody exercises their right to vote. >> vice president joe biden and his wife voted in his home state today. he waited in line with other voters and said it's a great, great honor to be able to vote. casting ballots in indiana, richard murdock triggered outrage when he stated a
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pregnancy resulting from rape was something god intended. donnely pulled ahead after that controversial remark. these are the first results coming in from south carolina with 1% reporting. president obama has 86%, mitt romney only 14%. this state is expected to eventually go to mitt romney. >> now to virginia, this is one of the nation's most closely watched swing states. with with fewer than 1% of precincts reporting, mitt romney has 47%. these are the newest numbers we have. the race for president may be a huge draw, but people in san francisco also have a number of local issues to decide. we are live at city hall where voters are still heading to the polls, right? >> reporter: steady stream of san francisco has been coming
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in. you can see people coming in and casting their ballots. it's been about 45 minutes to an hour-long wait. the director of elections tells us it's going to get busier here. we talked to voters about the issues and candidates that are bringing them to the polls this afternoon. >> mostly the education propositions made me come out, definitely. it's my first presidential election i've gotten to vote in. that's exciting. >> the educational ones, the ones for schools. i'm an ex-teacher, a retired teacher. >> the most important one was barack obama. he made a difference in the world today. >> reporter: excluding the 2008 election, typical turn out is about 71%. the director of elections says this election may dip below that, though he's not sure why. as of last night, turn out stood at about 25%.
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things will be getting a lot busier here between 5-8:00 p.m. at the larger polling stations in san francisco. we'll be reporting on turn out through the evening. >> gay marriage is on the ballot in four states. voters in maryland, maine, and washington state will decide if they should make same-sex marriage legal. in minnesota, a gay marriage ban is on the ballot. >> reporter: this could be a historic night if maine, maryland, or washington voters approve, it would be the nation's first legalization of same-sex marriage by popular vote. maine is the first state to put the issue before voters on its own. maryland and washington voters asked to overturn legalization done by legislators and minnesota voters asked to change the state's constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. six states have legalized same- sex marriage by legislation or
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court order. this is maryland earlier this year. 32 states have previously rejected gay marriage. opponents are encouraged by national polling showing a significant plurality of americans. 49% favor same-sex marriage. the voter turn out is reported to be very heavy. the results in the washington state voting may not be known until the end of the week because of late mail-in ballots. we have new numbers. the election results out of kentucky, the ap has just called kentucky for republican mitt romney. 62% to president obama's 38%. according to the ap, kentucky goes to mitt romney. with it goes 8 electoral votes. cory cook will be with us giving his analysis of what he's learning. what are you seeing so far? >> most interesting are the
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exit polls. they show about 60% of the voters say the economy is the most important issue. what's interesting is that obama has started narrowing the gap romney had on that issue. we'll see how this plays out. that's good news for obama, i think. >> we have seen more intense focus on the state of ohio. mitt romney went there earlier today. >> there are not a lot of ways romney can win without winning ohio. there are hundreds of different scenarios, but it's hard to do the math without him winning ohio. he spent about four times more in ohio. when ohio closes, those are the numbers most of america will be looking at. >> virginia is another key. the bottom line is that a lot of dominoes have to fall in place for mitt romney to become the next president.
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>> he does have a path. it involves winning virginia. most of the attention is florida, ohio, virginia. we'll know a lot when we know how those states turn out. >> we appreciate it and we're constantly updating the election returns that you see on the bottom of your screen. go to for complete election results. we have about 16 states set to close here in less than 20 minutes. we'll have the latest when we come back.
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home prices are picking up steam, but so is buying as more potential homeowners are seeing their rents skyrocket. we are in lafayette now with the numbers. tom? >> reporter: frank, in this and many, many other towns, the fact of the matter is that homes are selling because they're just gone. compared to rows of for sale signs two and three years ago, owners say what they need now are for homes to sell. >> from 2011-2012, we have a drop in inventory. >> reporter: he says prices are
4:42 pm
up over last year. >> 3, 5, 7%. we're seeing a real lack of inventory. multiple homes have several offers. it's being sold within a month these days. >> reporter: asking prices in september were up under 3% compared to a year ago, even including foreclosures. take foreclosures out of the mix and asking prices were up 3.6%. actual rent prices were up over 5% from a year ago. chief economist at >> we look at asking prices because they're a leading indicator of sale prices. asking prices are set months before sales happen. >> reporter: as to real sales completed, core logic released a study today. september sales prices were 5% higher than year ago.
4:43 pm
they expect october prices to be 5.7% higher than a year ago. 82 of the top 100 u.s. housing markets are higher or the same as a year ago. >> they're creeping up. they're not going up at a fast rate. >> reporter: coming up later, how politics has effected this election and how it may very well affect future prices. the stock market rallied as voters headed to the polls to cast their votes in the presidential election. the uncertainty that comes with a presidential campaign came near an end. the dow was up more than 133 points. the s and p 500 closed up 11 points. looking for an 82-year-old man that's been missing since
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saturday morning. he left his house for a walk around 9:30 in the morning and never returned. he doesn't have any medical problems, but he is hard of hearing. he was last seen wearing a blue baseball cap, a blackjack et, and slippers. a petition is gaining support. more than 1500 people have signed the online petition demanding the district apologize to kristen kunane. she is suing the school district and former administrators saying they failed to stop the abuse. they called her negligent and careless. more rain is on the way for later this week. >> we have rain in the forecast. pretty darn warm. i'll show you those when we get back. tomorrow will be about 10 degrees cooler than it was
4:45 pm
today. temperatures trending down. cold showers in the forecast, as i mentioned. her's how we got it. high pressure has been sitting there taking charge. it's gone down and it's moving out. as it does, this moves in. temperatures drop and it brings a chance of showers and thundershowers. heavy rain? no. maybe a downpour but in breaks, widely scattered. you have fog back at the beach. the fog clears out and responds to this low pressure center. it blows up the inversion. this is the leading edge of the cold air. this thursday, 7:00 a.m. it starts to get ready. break, more scattered showers, thursday 7:00 p.m., and then a bigger hit friday at 3:00 a.m. the whole time you have snow up
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in the sierra nevada. definitely a, you know, kind of a wild weather patternen considering how warm it's been. friday forecast looks like this. you have showers developing on thursday. certainly cooler and as you head toward the weekend, the sun comes out. but it's still kind of cool. we're just 15 minutes away from more election day coverage. polls are about to close in florida and new hampshire. >> we are results from virginia. mitt romney in the lead with 1% reporting. 59% of the vote for romney. 41% for president obama. this is a crucial state and whoever wins this, it will be a key indicators in how this evening is going to go. more election coverage coming up after the break.
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meningococcal meningitis, a rare but serious disease. health officials recommend vaccination. go to
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some dogs and cats waiting for adoption in the east bay are trading up when it comes to their temporary homes. we went inside the new state of the art animal shelter and why it took so long to build it. >> reporter: dozens of dogs and cats today was out of the old and into the new, the new donna spring animal shelter is ready to open, finally. for about 100 dogs and cats waiting for adoption in berkley, life today got a whole lot better. they had been living in kennels
4:50 pm
in a 50-year-old cramped building that some called dog alcatraz. >> volunteers walking a dog, they're all going off. the cats were not soundproof from the dogs so they're having toless ton the dogs the whole time. >> reporter: we got a sneak preview of the state of the art animal shelter with much more space, an on-site medical center, and climate controlled kennels. >> kennel cough amongst dogs and the w the systems we have in place here, we're expecting the illness rate will go down significantly. >> reporter: the staff and volunteers were helping to ready the new shelter. voters approved a $2 million bond measure, but the city couldn't find a suitable location. last year the shelter adopted out more than 550 dogs and cats. with the new location, they hope to find homes for even more animals. >> it's big, it's clean, the
4:51 pm
habitats are really nice. i think it will be appealing for people to come here. >> reporter: the new shelters are expected to open to the public for the first time tomorrow morning. local team usa is recycling pieces of its wrecked sailboat. we first showed you pictures of that $8 million ship when it toppled into the san francisco bay last month. much of it was swept out to sea. they're building salvage parts to build a flying machine for the red bull tag in the bay. they'll launch it to see how far it can glide before it crashes. the district will move to all leken tropic tolls in december with the phasing out of toll takers. they expect to remove all 32
4:52 pm
toll takers and complete the transition by february. it's designed to save money. dozens of doormen from san francisco's top hotels took center stage in the city today. this was the 13th annual doorman's luncheon held in north beach. 40 of san francisco's famous hotel greeters were all treated to a prime rib lunch. that's tom sweeney on the left. he's a well-known doormen. he hosts the event every year as a tribute to his colleagues. >> as a doormen, we're greeters, we're guides, ring masters, valets. we work 8 hours a day, rain or shine. >> a whose whose list of celebrities and officials were there. have to work with a congress where the balance of power may be bitterly divided.
4:53 pm
we are joined live from washington, d.c. with the latest on the key house and senate races. scott? >> reporter: to be fair, some offices on capitol hill are open and the phones are being answered. this is one ohio senator's office this afternoon. >> good afternoon. thank you for calling the office of sherrod brown. >> reporter: most are ghost towns. newspapers are piling up in front of the offices. we found this food court was closed and empty. many of the top political strategists and aids are here instead, behind closed doors in party campaign offices trying to swing the few local undecided voters. a few california house races hanging in the balance after the dramatic redrawing of our
4:54 pm
state's congressional lines. >> only one time has a a seat changed party hands. now we're likely to see for the next decade 8, 9, 10 competitive districts a year. >> reporter: the u.s. house a near certainty to remain in republican control and the senate with 53 democrats and 43 republicans is more in place, which is a long shot to change. >> you'll see washington's gridlock should it stay status quo after election night. >> we are here in our news room are also watching the balance of power. we'll have information on the changes that are expected. we are joined with the latest returns. >> they are very early numbers. 270 electoral votes are needed to win the white house. as things stand, mitt romney has 13. barack obama has 3. we still
4:55 pm
have a long night ahead of adding up numbers. these are the states that have called by the ap. vermont goes to obama. west virginia and kentucky go to mitt romney. virginia very critical swing state. here are the early numbers. mitt romney is ahead of president obama 58 to 42%. we continue moving across the map here and we go to west virginia which has been called for mitt romney. no numbers yet, but the ap is projecting mitt romney will win west virginia as well as kentucky. mitt romney has won kentucky 58% to 42%. we move to indiana, romney territory right now. he is leading in indiana with 21% of the precincts reporting. mitt romney has the lead. 55% to 45% over obama. these are very early numbers. we have quite a ways to go. i want to shift your focus to this part of the country.
4:56 pm
let's look at north carolina. 15 electoral votes at stake in this state. president obama leading in north carolina. let's look at results in south carolina and see how things are shaping up there. 9 electoral votes at stake in south carolina. 1% of the precincts reporting. next we go to the state of georgia. polls closing there just about an hour ago with 16 electoral votes. mitt romney well ahead of president obama, just 2% of the precincts reporting. the state of florida with its 29 electoral votes, you can see president obama leading in this state. of course a lot of talk throughout this campaign about the importance of winning florida. we'll be monitoring all of the states. number are coming in by the minute. >> polls are closing and we are tracking the results.
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more election coverage for you when we return.
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in just seconds polls will close in 16 more states and washington d.c. for president obama and mitt romney, what happens in two of those states,


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